Creating Oracle Cards 

I have recently started painting blank poker sized cards. For a while I was on a kick of painting/decorating (in mixed media art form) standard playing cards. Then I decided to abandon the influences of the card number and suit and by blank cards. At the time, I had no plans for these cards. I … Continue reading Creating Oracle Cards 


How Empaths Can Protect Their Energy

I know, I know... this is becoming a washed-up topic. But stick with me for a moment... I have been helping people in some capacity for 14 years. This has been and continues to be, my life's work. I am currently a therapist and I serve mostly children, youth, and families, but I work with adults individually, … Continue reading How Empaths Can Protect Their Energy

The Kindness Rock Project

Several months ago (which was about seven months after I had begun learning about the Tarot), I was having a particularly rough day. As a result of the recent expanding of my intuition, naturally, I became more aware of the signs that the universe was sending me. However, this was one of those low mood … Continue reading The Kindness Rock Project

Shadow Work and Burning Ritual

The other night I was "Shadow working" by candlelight. Interestingly enough, the sun card is on top of the deck in this main photo. This was the card that I chose to represent a blessing in my life, my child. She is my motivation to keep going with this endless work of self and spiritual … Continue reading Shadow Work and Burning Ritual